Thank you for visiting my site. I live in the lovely seaside village of Sawtell, in New South Wales, Australia. My wife, Helen, and I are constantly amazed at what a wonderful part of the world it is.

I've had the opportunity to live in and visit a host of interesting places, and interact with people from a multitude of cultures. There are links, at the bottom of the page, to stories about some of those experiences.

We have lived in Bali, Surabaya, Guangzhou and Jakarta. Living as expatriates gave us many possibilities from which to choose. We were involved in education in Indonesia for quite a while, and really enjoyed working with many committed, enthusiastic teachers, motivated students and parents who really took an active interest in their children's education. Our educational consulting company, MV Education Services takes us to schools in Indonesia, in the Asia-Pacific, Australia and Dubai.

I am currently writng the occasional story for our local print newspaper, The Coffs Coast News Of The Area, which has introduced me to a lot of interesting people.


We enjoy gardening, walking on the beach, supervising Machiato (our very cute, but naughty, cat from China) and generally enjoying Sawtell. We also want to spend a time exploring more of Australia, and the world.

I enjoy playing guitar and harmonica and as well as reading, (especially good fantasy stuff) and getting about interesting places. Lawn bowls, going to the gym and cycling are my main physical pursuits. The golf course is across the creek behind our house and we need to make more use of it.

I found a mirror of my old Geocities site, so I've included the links. I'm slowly updating them and the rest of the site. (To return from most of them, hit the browser back button - the "Home" link will take you to an archived index.)

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